Thursday, June 9, 2011

so juan cabrera...

built the kick ass veedub van. shorty volkswagen bus. heart window. perfection on wheels. you most likely have seen it. it was a big hit. my friend bo met their son nathan. so i got some pics!
juans wife sher made him a vanner jacket when he was still in the womb!

some interior shots!

nathan did this for jack n the box. so so awesome. i need to get him to paint my van.

some magazine n picture shots of the bus.

and a shirt.


  1. DAMN!
    Who the fuck is Nathan? And where can I see more of his work?

  2. im not really sure to be honest. my friend bo met him, and theyve become friends. he got me the pics n is going to get me more stuff and is going to introduce me to him. want me to send you his stuff? or if youre feeling wild i can introduce you to him when i meet him.