Monday, August 29, 2011

check this out!

they found a 57 triumph trw still in its original crate! you can buy it for a cool 37 grand. some assembly required. comes with the tool kit and hardback owners manual.

i think ive posted this before.

but its girls on motorcycles. so dont be a whiner.

i love this little van.

cleaning out my computer.

and i found these pictures in a folder. so before i delete said folder, id like you to enjoy them as well.

chases biggest enemy.

cheech n chong having a biker beach party.

what i like my life to be life on a daily basis.

watchers of the woods.

this just rulez.

boobs n a triumph. cant argue with that.

love these bars.

big ass side pipe.

so whatever it is youre building... its going to look way cooler with side pipes. heres some stuff i collected and or stole when i was installing mine on my van.

these two assholes.

hate to love them. love to hate them.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

stolen from bubble visor.

all over the place, but great!

moto morini!

man! ive always loved these bikes. they just looked super cool and have perfect 70s italian styling. but! id never seen one in real life. that is until last night. this guy who is sorting out my harleys electrical issues has one in his garage! its a perfect concourse moto morini. super nimble, it moves around underneath you like a ten speed! seriously perfect. hes sorting out its electrical issues for its owner, and i guess parts are insanely rare, and expensive... and its for sale!

anyway little info on the bike, 72 degree V twin, twin drum brakes in the front, single in the back, 90mph all day long! boyakasha!