Monday, August 22, 2011


im not much of a harley guy. but i have one now. so! im thinking ill ride it around for a while and if i dont fall in love with it ill trade it for something awesome. heres what ive found that people are looking to trade for harleys in la and orange county.

32 chevy coupe. with some cash on your end.

37 oldsmobile without an engine or a tranny.

51 chevy styleline, heavily considering this trade!

52 chevy deluxe.

63 chevy c10

66 el camino.

68 el camino.

72 GMC truck. love these!

72 el camino. 

 75 corvette. little cash on your end maybe.

boats all over the place! 

 cushman eagle, trading down.

 53 triumph pre-unit! maybe considering this.

56 chevy 2 door.

93 cadillac el dorado. 

a rhino? 

vw rat rod. 

88 toyota truck. its low enough to ride a motorcycle onto at least. 

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