Thursday, September 30, 2010


this is jays van from the vandoleros. these ford vans are my favorite vans in the whole van world. and jay is a super nice dude! vannin!

dodges for everyone!


a van that makes my panties tingle. i may or may not steal this paint job. beautiful and simple.


this van!

is this my grandfather?

because im laying in the gutter working on my car like this at least a 3rd of my life.

the van i almost bought

it was a 75 i believe. trashed to shit tho, and the guy selling was trying to lie to me about all of this stuff that it had done, which was obviously not true. love that window tho!

me van!

so ive been restoring this beast the last couple of months. its been draining my soul and my wallet. but! not im finally able to drive around! its a 225 slant 6 with 3 on the tree. screams at 60mph. i got these biiitchin bubble windows that im going to put in this coming weeknd. i need to insulate for noise too. its like riding in a giant trash can.

Wigan Casino

learn about the wigan casino.

wigan casino

so i was djing a party and this old man came up to me and said hey you like northern soul? i said yeah its all i dj. he says my friend used to go to the wigan casino and on the last day he ripped the sign off the wall and has it to this day, ill send you a picture. and here it is.

bmw cafe bikes!

a lot of people dont like bmw motorcycles. but i think theyre all fuckin retarded. these bikes not only look tough as shit they run forever and are a perfect example of what an early 70s motorcycle should look like. and they came with cruise control!

this thing never gets old.

bo rubbing it on its skiiiiin.

on the night of my 26th birthday...

i went to san francisco and made out with a guys girlfriend and he beat the shit out of me. i was black out drunk and leaning on a wall tho. and the bar called an ambulance and when they showed up all my friends inside had no idea what had happened and they had all taken extasy and not told me. weird story.

dont get into it.

get into it.

morrissey meet johnny. johnny meet morrissey.

Monday, September 27, 2010

the black apples!

there are a few bands out there called the black apples. but this one is the only one that matters. , theyre very quickly becoming on of the most recognized bands in la. give it a listen! there new full length lp will be released by mid november latest.

watch them on youtube here.

true love.

zee beemer.

72 bmw r75/5 toaster tank. bike is stock for now. sometimes i cafe it, but usually i dont. now with the honda i wont have to at all!

my newest motorbike!

this is my newest motorcycle. a 73 750-4. its been gone through with a fine tooth comb, and i cant wait to ride this thing to the moon and back!

the spell has lifted!

jail weddings! not only do we love every single person in this band, they make music unlike anyone else these days or ever for that part. we released this single about 3 years ago and are re-releasing it now. there full length love is lawless is coming out on white noise right now too. get into it!

me and warren getting ready to open up our third eyes.

meet bo.

this is bo. hes my best friend. he loves cheez-its. watermelon four loko, when strangers tickle him in the special spot between his balls and his butthole, and he loves having roommates who love puppies. hi bo!

come to this.

im starting a new dj night with chris ziegler and johnny sleeper. all vinyl 60s, garage, motown, northern soul. you get the gist of it. so come par-tay.

mountains of dante!

 the dante vs. zombies record is done, theyll be in shops this week, they sound fan-fuckin-tastic too. the first 50 are hand numbered in black and white so get one if you can.