Sunday, June 26, 2011

aw man...

a lambretta is a beautiful thing. an italian motor scooter, that can be tuned to go well over a 100mph. long wheel base, low to the ground, has a chain, unlike a vespa which is direct drive, a lean, mean, mod machine. but they make excellent race bikes as well. theyll forever be my favorite two wheeled vehicle. i have one tattooed on my pinky. about 7 years back this stupid chinese company bought the name and slapped stickers on their stupid chinese scooter that said lambretta. pissed everyone off. that fizzled away. then lambretta came back, like triumph and now norton has. they had the same engine as an ET4, which is a newer model vespa if youre not into scooters. which im sure 99 percent of you arent. well that flopped, until now. now theyre back. and theyre ugly. at least the ET4 model hid everything well and kept them looking traditional. and did you know lambrettas were the first two wheeled vehicle with disc brakes? bet you didnt! and thats the tooth.
1965 lambretta TV200. coveted. hard as shit to find. and very expensive.

1965 SX200. beautiful. only number two behind the TV200.

internals, front chrome is glove box, behind it is gas tank.

                                                               and now... the puke fest.

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