Saturday, June 25, 2011

born free-ish

born free was fucking insane. so hot. so many motorcycles it was hard to stop at take pictures of them. plus the reflection of the sun off of them all blinded the shit out of you. some lucky asshole won a knucklehead. not me. i did get cheese on a stick from a hot dog on a stick vendor. it was a huge event and im happy it worked out for everyone. heres the 4 pictures i took.
this is bos honda cb550 bobber he build. the last 3 weeks non stop to be exact. and all morning today. he got it running. but it has no baffles so it made my ears bleed.

this bike was awesome. most unique one there in my opinion.

and im a fan of race bikes. this one caught my attention as i was running to the shade. 
my beautiful beast made it there n back without a hiccup. plus it was the only beemer there i think. except a vendor had an r100/7 with a sidecar. crazy thing is everyone broke down on the way there. my bike didnt, but everyone elses exhaust were so loud i couldnt hear my bike at all. which sketches me out. but yeah fun ride.

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