Friday, May 27, 2011

kolor me kustom part 2.

the limos! vini bergman was the first to make the extended limo. serious business. before that they just had the type where the rear seats just sat a little further back. so you can thank vee-burgs for all the screaming teenagers in hummer limos.
bel air n boobied lady.

lamborghini countach limo!


something weird.

this i believe is the pride and joy. should probably be the first or last but whatever.
where to start. super extended limo, 2 axles up front, 3 axles in the rear. jacuzzi, god knows whats inside. now connecting this monster to the monster behind it... is a putting green! i dont know whats going on in the limo part two of it, because this is all one giant vehicle, but i know it has a helicopter landing pad on it. not to mention all of the body work. man oh man.

something intense.

the disney limo. he actually made a limo from a monorail too but i forgot to get a picture of it!

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