Friday, May 27, 2011

kolor me kustom part 1.

so! as you or most likely may not now, i cut vincent bergmans hair. vincent bergman is the son of vini bergman. who owned kolor me kustom. and the van vandemonium. but more of that to come. he brought me a bunch of pics to look at. and i took pictures of the pictures to show to you. 

so vini bergman, or vee-burgs as i like to call him. made this giant harley for some reason. the seat came off and there was a jacuzzi in there. with a large breasted woman chilling.

vini bergman and davidsons grandson. of harley davidson. im not a harley guy so i dont know his name.

awesome thing is that this big bastard actually drove around. and it held two motorcycles inside! you could pull up in your giant motorcycle and it would give girth then birth to two smaller harleys.

blonde girl before bikini.

vee-burg n tom arnold chatting it up.

giant harley. that drives around. and holds two smaller harleys. and has a jacuzzi. with a large breasted woman in it. insane.

and actually there were two built if im not mistaken. one was more of a parade float and the other was made of steel and was more intense.

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