Sunday, May 15, 2011

had a great day...

at the long beach flea market. lets start at the top shall we?

got these fog/spot lights for ten bucks. one is missing its base but i can make one easily.

                              i didnt buy this, but its japanese and from the 50s. guy wanted 85 bucks for it.
i got this makin bacon patch. it rules. put it on my winter motorcycle jacket. pretty shiny tho.

didnt buy this either, but its an 1873 springfield rifle. guy wanted a 1000 for it. i dont know anything about guns. but i think i know better than to buy a rifle for 1000 bucks that i havent shot. or know anything about.

the big find! found the full set of truckin' van trading cards! 44 mint condition cards for 20 bucks! i think ill post a card a day or something. i was just digging through a random pile and came across them. i feel like a kid with a joe montana card.

 second best (maybe first best) find, 8" chain steering wheel for 10 bucks! it looks like a grant pattern but i not sure. and the middle of it seems a little chewed up. either way ill put it on my wall or something.

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