Sunday, March 27, 2011


yep, its a suzuki. a '79 GS750.  fully custom, looks like an indian or something.  the ad says

"this is my latest project completed and up for sale. it is a 1979 suzuki gs750 which i built from the ground up. it has a new custom hardtail frame, the only original part of the frame left is the neck and the engine cradle. the suspension is an old 70's girder which i practically cut down in half and flipped it over. the front and rear fenders are actually made from 2 fenders each so they wrap around the wheels. the bike features powder coating on the front end, the fender racks and a few other misc. parts. i made a brand new wiring harness which is as barebones as you can get it, headlight, tail light, stoplight and ignition. this bike does not have a horn or turn signals. the seat features a nice thick piece of leather dyed and bolted down to a new seatpan with coil springs. the engine is in very good condition with no leaks, the transmission shifts very nice through all 5 gears. it was just tuned up as well as the carbs and purrs like a kitten on the freeway. i geared the bike so you can humm along at 75 mph with no problems(very comfortable ride). the front tire is brand new and the rear is in really decent condition. i ordered carb pod filters which are currently in route and not pictured."

and it says more, but you can check that out yourself if youre interested.

what do you think?

ps. its for sale on craigslist here..

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