Sunday, March 13, 2011

some of my old scooters.

scooters are awesome. and you can make them haul some major ass if you know what youre doing. ive had 8 so far. these are 4 of them.
this was my 3rd or 4th bike, a 1980 vespa 100 sport, small frame. slow as shit. sold it pretty quickly.
1964 vespa allstate, 165 kit, cut a 3rd port into the cases. i built it over the course of a year in my living room. had to step over it to get to the kitchen. ran like a race bike and i didnt really like it, probably went about 65mph and got there pretty quick, on 8'' tires, sold it and bought my beemer.
1965 Lambretta LI125, with an imola 185 kit, 28/30 kehien d-slide carb, pm tuning pipe, small engine case and this bike would go 80mph, and it would every time i rode it!
this was my first bike, 1980 vespa p200, super mod bike, for my super mod days. the chic i sold it to still has it and i want it back!


  1. The old P200! Oh man great times on that bastard.

  2. haha seriously! had that scoot when i was 19 to 22 or, many fun times on it!