Wednesday, September 21, 2011

my day in motorcycling.

my friend bo met this old biker dude named matthew. im sure most of you know him. he works on bikes im his house in arcadia, hes doing the 1200 conversion on bos evo motor. so after 6 cigs, 2 giants cups of coffee, and a joint he was ready to step out into the light. he takes us to his garage and there he shows us this...

a 65 harley panhead police special. mint condition, and with only 11. yes 11! original miles. this bike is beautiful and awesome and i want to impregnate it. 

then! to make things a little weirder, he pulls this out. im not the most well versed man when it comes to harleys, but i do know a weirdo machine when i see one. a belt driven knucklehead. with parts from pretty much every decade. have a gander and play wheres waldo with a harley.

then! i get to work and i have this beautiful new friend waiting for me. if you look closely the blue is chipping away and underneath you can see orange, red, and silver metal flake. anyone out there know how to get the new shit paint off of this so i can see what lies beneath?

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