Tuesday, September 27, 2011

BMW r75/5 mikuni installation part 1!

so i bought mikuni carbs for my 1972 bmw r75/5. its supposed to give you instant throttle response, more top end,  and horse power gains which they say are unbelieveable. you do get a little worse gas mileage but this trade off seems totally worth it. so it didnt come with instructions, and these carbs are kind of weird, so i decided to do a step by step, so if anyone is doing this upgrade they can have some form of reference. 

now im not that skilled when it comes to carbs, and dont really know whats what. so im going to be doing some guessing, calling things the long pointy stick and things like that. so if you can correct my terminology im totally open to learning. 

so this is just how to  put on the throttle cables, next ill do installation.
two mikuni VM 34mm carbs. round slide.

mouth that will go to the air filter.

choke lever, and to the cylinder.

so first, unscrew this top nob. set it aside. it does nothing.

next unscrew the top, but be careful because there is a spring there and it will shoot it out.

look in and theres the slide. the throttle cable actually connects to the slide.

pull the slide out gently and youll see a little silver piece in there. thatll lock your throttle cable into place when youre done.

if you peek in youll see a little hole which the pilot jet goes back into. and youll see the jets on the side, so when you re-install the slide it needs to line up properly.

remove the throttle lock.

grab your throttle cable. the metal part thats threaded goes into the top of the carb.

screw the lid onto the cable.

so pull the throttle cable as far out as you can from the housing,put the spring between the slide and the lid. and poke the throttle cable into the end of the slide. push it in, and slide it over to where it cant come out. then put back on the little silver lock

what itll look like when you push it in and slide it over.

bottom of slide.

side view of what will slide over the jet.

when re-installing the slide be sure the sides are lined up with the jets, and if you look through the mouth you can be sure the pilot jet goes in properly.

then screw the lid back one, you might have to twist it around to re-tighten it to the throttle cable. 

bingo bango! done-zo! i did this at work. the kit i bought didnt come with the adaptors for the air filter elbo, i went to home depot and got 2" non-coupling, cut it up a little bit and make it fit.

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