Tuesday, April 3, 2012

hello my abandoned blog.

so i got instagram. anyone have that? yeah so all my pictures have been going there. i totally space on this blog til right now. so lets try to dry hump some life back into this baby shall we?
i sold my beemer. makes me sad. but its gone to a better more loving home.
my sporty is still alive, barely. needs the electrical gone through again. but i have a hardtail paughco frame n all sorts of doo dads to make it awesome. im also in the market for a shovelhead. crazy how i hated harleys until i rode one. now ive sold all my bikes n im buying more harleys!

my dart is done though! i rebuilt the motor n transmission, runs like such a champ now. really looking forward to paint n interior. even got a lead on some slot mags!

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