Sunday, October 2, 2011

motorama part 1

went to the long beach motorama. is was pretty sweet. took a bunch of pics but i have to sort them out. so heres some ed roth to hold you over. i know a lot of people consider these cars obnoxious and its cool to not think these are cool. but i dont give a fuck! i love these cars. ive never seen them in person so i was really happy to be able to. such works of art. i love them. i think ill marry them.

the orbitron disappeared for almost 40 years i believe. it got traded over and over until it landed in the hands of this mexican carney. he took the front end off and rode it around the carnival. when he died his grandson obtained it and thought that his grandfather had built it. and was using it as a trash can in front of his book store in mexico. A FUCKING TRASHCAN! and actually one owner had it and got stuck inside so he had to smash the bubble top to get out. i would have just died inside of it. if you didnt know the red green and blue lights shine together to make a white light. so awesome.

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