Monday, July 4, 2011

do you know about falcon motorcycles?

my good friend alex turned me onto them, theyre insane. i dont even think i can fully explain to you what theyre doing, so ill try, and then ill post the link so they can blow your mind on their own.

their blog says.. " THE CONCEPT TEN, a collection of ten one of a kind motorcycles, never to be repeated. ten unique custom motorcycles created around iconic pre- and post war british engines with racing pedigree. balancing out reverence for form and function, we strive to create work that is truthful in origin, purpose, and execution. we only build one per year, hand crafting each machine in house, the frame, tank, exhaust, front forks, handlebars, levers, brakes, castle nuts, bolts, seats, even the cylinders.

you just have to check this shit out on your own. look at all of the beautiful brass bits. all of the hand adjustable levers all over the bike. the lines. everything. this bike is beautiful

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