Wednesday, January 19, 2011

so i went to the grammy museum...

and they were having a john lennon exhibit, and a late 60s exhibit too.

heres janis joplins porsche. she bought it new in 67 and her band mate from big brother and the holding company painted it for her. you can see their portraits over the front left fender.

 and this is johns guitar that he played during the bed-ins with yoko. he drew their pictures on it too. amazing!

                                                                        more porsche

                                                                  original show posters.

                                                            me dry humping lennons leg.


                    johns suit! he wore this during the wedding album years. he got married in this suit!


                                                    hand written lyrics to give peace a chance.

                                                            hand written lyrics to in my life.

                                            hand written lyrics to working class hero and GOD.

                                                             the console used by the beatles!

                                                                       the man i love.

                                                              and his glasses and harmonica!

                                                       johns sgt pepper outfit. so so so rad.

                                                    and johns beatles original collar less suit!

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